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Veggie Selection

Ice Plant

Ice plants are a rarely seen super food this part of the world, however it is commonly used in Japan for salads and supplements!

It's unique salty flavor and crunchy texture make it ideal as a the star of your next meal! 

Another popular variety from Japan, the Frill lettuce is commonly seen in supermarkets from Tokyo to Hokkaido.​

It's robust and crunchy texture make it Ideal for salads, sandwiches and burgers.


Now available in Singapore! 

Japanese Frill
Green Leaf

Our green leaf is a mild lettuce suitable for wraps and salads​.

Children love this lettuce as it is not bitter and has a gentler texture!

Red and Green Oak Leaf

The newest addition to our family, the red and green oak leaves add a pop of colour, flavour dimension and texture to any dish!

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