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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Open&Eat organic?

The short answer is: No.

Open and Eat grows vegetables hydroponically, which differs from methods used in organic farming. However, hydroponic vegetables have similar benefits as organic farming. It is a more sustainable method of growing plants, reducing fresh water usage, reducing pollution and is completely pesticide free!

Does Open&Eat use GMOs?

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are animals or crops and plant varieties that have its DNA genetically modified, mainly for commercial production. In plants, the modifications usually make them resistant to disease or pests.

Open and Eat does not use any GMOs in our farms because of 2 reasons. Since our plants are grown in a completely enclosed environment, we do not need our crops to be resistant to disease or pests. Further, the long term effects of GMO consumption is yet unknown. 

Is Open&Eat chemical free?

Open and Eat uses a specialized mineral formula to feed our plants the nutrients they need. 

While the term "chemical" gets a bad rep, everything in this world is made up of chemical compounds. Even plants grown organically will absorb its fertilizers in the most basic chemical forms available. It is important to differentiate harmful chemicals from beneficial chemicals. 

Here at Open and Eat, we vet our mineral nutrient sources strictly to ensure that our formula is safe and non-toxic.

Does Open&Eat sell seeds?

Unfortunately, at this point in time, Open and Eat does not sell any seeds. 

Does Open&Eat conduct tours and lessons?

Currently, Open and Eat does not organize tours and lessons at our facilities. Do follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our activities however, as we may organize such tours in the near future!

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